TusCon 45 Schedule released

Friday, November 9

The First Science Fiction Novel: Flatland  (This is my personal presentation)
Panel Room 2 (Mesa)
10:00pm – 11:00pm
Participants: Julie Verley

Let’s have a discussion about Edwin A. Abbot’s geometric novella! We’ll be covering its history and talking about its continued influence in contemporary society. We’ll take a look at authors and scientists who loved the story, as well as modern interpretations of Flatland in media from “The Dot and the Line” to Carl Sagan, “Big Bang Theory” and “Gravity Falls”. Not only a mathematical and scientific satire, Flatland is at its heart, a social parody, written by a churchman and mathematics professor as an amusing hobby. It’s had two films made as well as a variety of short media. Flatland continues to fascinate us, young and old alike. Join us for a lively chat about this novel and find out for yourself if “Abbot had the right idea”.

Saturday, November 10
One Person’s Dystopia Is Another One’s Utopia
Panel Room 1 (Sage Boardroom)
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Tracks: Writing, Guests

Discussion of works that feature supposed utopias or dystopias that are not black-and-white or are complicated/nuanced in some way; are utopias/dystopias more alike than different? Are they merely realistic societies that we like or dislike?

Sunday, November 11
Great art comes from limitations. How what you can’t do influences your art.
Ballroom (Sabino)
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Tracks: Writing, Guests

Jaws doesn’t work if the shark does. Alien hides in shadows to not look like a dude in a rubber suit. Turning weaknesses into strengths can be the missing ingredient.

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